Monday, July 6, 2009

The Introduction

In 1987 I wrote a book, Buying Antique Jewelry, Skipping the Mistakes. I could have written volumes 2-10 with more mistakes. Instead, loving the writing, I turned to ficton, and like most aspiring writers I now have three novels under the bed, a couple of literary magazine publications (even a finalist in the Cooper Prize named after Anderson Cooper) and a home computer full of essays and short stories. I've been writing ever since.

Then one day, faced with an assignment, I began to write the history of my adventures in retail. Nine of those chapters are available for you to read on the Facere Jewelry Art Gallery web site (on the homepage menu click ABOUT).

Here then, is the flip side to those chapters. A blog entitled, Building a Business: Try This! Every week I'll add cupfuls of information. Hopefully the information will be useful and transferable to anyone in business, or to anyone in the throes of starting a business.

Let me know if the suggestions work or not. Let me know if you need more detail, more context, more examples.

And with that, Heeeerrrrs Karen!

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